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It allows larger student trainer interplay and or scholar to pupil interaction. Discussion presupposed that the learners have already been launched to a physique of knowledge on which they can base their dialogue. Its purpose is to offer learners an opportunity to use rules, ideas, and theories, as well as clarify data and ideas. Lecturing Lecture is probably the most traditional method related to teaching during which the trainer merely conveys the data to the students in a one-method channel of communication.

Learn about how the lungs work, research developments, and scientific research. COPD is a progressive lung illness that over time makes it hard to breath.

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health for education

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The learner’s place in the neighborhood, social interactions and economic status significantly impacts much of the learner’s response to alter. Factors affecting change Change is a part of studying desired by both the teacher and the learner.

It is use to integrate and synthesize a big physique of information from several fields or sources and used to clarify tough concepts. Change and its impact on the Filipino well being worth system based on a list of change barriers, the Philippines is a classic instance of how large scale change can affect the state of the well being care system. Home cures One remedy is using oils or ointments, which serve as “treatment- alls” for stress-free, heating, and comforting the muscle tissue or offering aid for dizziness, colds, headaches, and sore throats, among others. Socioeconomic circumstances and environmental circumstances This may involve the learner’s adaptability, flexibility, and capabilities in creating change that may affect the quality and quantity of response to the change course of.


Most people who have COPD have each emphysema and continual bronchitis. Join us on the #COPDjourney and help increase awareness about COPD and its symptoms. ï‚· Overhead transparency is a sheet of acetate placed on overhead projector that enlarges and projects the picture onto a display ï‚· Powerpoint slides are used to show phrases, concepts for dialogue, picture or project diagrams and charts. ï‚· Videotapes are used to find which means in case eventualities, biographic, clinical procedures, or situations which the scholars must reflect on to determine their relevance and implication. Discussion Discussion retains a number of the options of lecturing when the teacher still imparts the lesson to the students via interaction. This time she gives them alternative to share their insights or understanding of the topic.

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